Miley Cyrus gave her little sister Noah the perfect career advice

Miley and Noah Cyrus have been super close since forever. And the sister love isn’t just for show. As Noah starts to be come a star in her own right, Miley Cyrus has been ready with helpful advice for her younger sibling.

Of course, we had inklings that Noah might following Miley’s footsteps. They even recorded their own version of “The Driveway” from Miley’s album Breakout together when Noah was like five. Noah is only 8 years younger than big sis Miley but is quickly coming into her own musically. She could be the next big Cyrus star!

Noah and Miley are the music queens of the summer!

Both sisters have been dominating charts and stages with their chill (Miley) and electronic (Noah) singles. 

The duo recently performed at the iHeartSummer ’17 Weekend by AT&T at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. Before the show, Noah revealed to People the best advice her sister ever gave her.

Noah explained, "Miley says, ‘Just have fun with it.’ Because I worry too much, and Miley is like, ‘You gotta just have fun with it.’"

That sounds a lot like something the fun-loving Miley Cyrus would say. The older Cyrus sister is known for having fun no matter what. Be it dancing on stage with cats that shoot laser beams out of their eyes to forming cool indie side projects with Wayne Coyne or totally revamping her image to a Malibu devotee.

The career chameleon is also super devoted to the LGBTQ community, her family, and her pets. Even though her career is ever-evolving she has always tried to incorporate awareness and kindness for her causes into her message. Miley definitely made sure to warm the crowd up for little sis Noah.

At the concert, she said, "Make sure you’re super kind to my little sister who is coming out here to play next, I’ll be here watching."

Noah sang a few of her own songs as well as some covers, one of which Miley joined her for. It looks like Noah took her sister’s advice to heart as the two seemed like they had a ton of fun.

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