Miley Cyrus just promised us an insane VMAs, and we believe her

It’s been two years since Miley Cyrus made her totally unexpected and immediately viral performance at the MTV VMAs. The foam fingers, the teddy bears, the twerking, the tongue — yeah, you remember, it’s kinda hard to forget. And tomorrow, Miley is returning to the stage — but in a very different role. She’s going to be hosting the show. And from what we’ve heard, it’s going to be insane.

It all started when Miley was invited to host by Van Toffler, who is leaving his role as head of MTV this year. According to Miley, he told her wanted the VMAs to be his “last shebang,” and who better to entrust it to than her?

Soooo, what can fans expect from the show? Miley has been dropping hints, namely that it’s going to be totally, 100% Miley. She told the NY Times that she’ll be featuring artists she admires, including Jen Stark, to make the show feel like her own Instagram. She’s working on skits with Seth Rogen as well, which we are crazy excited for. Yesterday, she took to Tumblr to answer fan questions about the show, too. “Dis gonna be da craziest vmazzzz of allllll herstory!” she told a fan asking about a favorite moment. “I made mtv add me into the show more so i could have more looks lol! so many coloooorsssss and jewllllzzzz,” she told another. And if you follow Miley on Twitter, then you also have a pretty good idea of what to expect:

But she’s also going to be raising awareness of her organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation, which helps vulnerable populations like LGBTQ and homeless youth. And that’s really awesome.

There is one thing you should not expect from tomorrow night’s show, though: A rehash of her 2013 performance. Miley isn’t looking to live in the past, and she isn’t interested in letting anyone force her to. When NY Times asked her if the controversy would be revived, Miley answer simply, “I wouldn’t let them do it.” Well, that’s a relief, TBH.

Tune in to MTV tomorrow night to catch all the action, jewllllzzzz, and patently out-there Miley-ness of the VMAs!

(Image via Twitter)

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