Miley Cyrus cries after election in emotional video and we feel you girl

The aftermath of last night’s presidential election results has been extremely emotional. Even those of us who may have expected the election to end up in Trump’s favor would’ve been hard-pressed to truly believe it before we were forced to watch. Family, friends, and as always, public figures took to social media to share their reactions to the results, but we’re especially moved by Miley Cyrus’s twitter video.

We know that Miley was a Hillary supporter and a liberal, and she shared a message of hope, unity, and acceptance.

Miley, like many of us, was very upset by the results. She’s crying for most of the video (same, girl) and it’s not hard to understand why. We just elected a President who has been vocally discriminatory to women, people of color, and the disabled; who time and time again proves that his word can’t be trusted; who aims to put some truly scary people in positions of power.

But Miley also makes a point to say that she accepts the results of the election, and that she hopes that everybody will treat one another with kindness going forward.

We love her message, even if we didn’t love this election. We all definitely need a little extra kindness today.

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