Miley Cyrus took back her apology for a near-nude photo from 10 years ago, and go, girl!

When Disney darling Miley Cyrus took her first step out from under Mickey Mouse’s umbrella, the world had a decidedly mixed reaction. In 2008, Cyrus, who was still playing Disney’s beloved Hannah Montana at the time, posed for the cover of Vanity Fair. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz shot Cyrus partially nude, which caused chaos and criticism among some parents.

At the time, Cyrus felt she had no choice but to apologize for “tarnishing” her Disney image. However, on Sunday, April 29th, 2018 — 10 years after the photo caused a media storm — Cyrus rescinded her apology, and we’re saying hell yes.

On Sunday, Cyrus tweeted out a photo of a 2008 New York Post issue with the headline, “MILEY’S SHAME.” The cover stated that the 15-year-old actress apologized for her “near-nude pic,” saying, “I feel so embarrassed. I never intended any of this to happen.”

Reports later said that the Disney Channel claimed Cyrus was “deliberately manipulated” into posing topless.

Alongside the Post cover, Cyrus wrote in her Sunday tweet, "IM NOT SORRY F-ck YOU #10yearsago."

We’ve come to know and love Cyrus for her outspoken nature and how comfortable she is with herself and her body, and the tweet feels like she’s come full circle — in the best way possible.

Back in 2008, Cyrus’ bare-back shoot was so controversial that both Vanity Fair and Leibovitz were also expected to release apologies. Leibovitz said she was sorry that the image was “misinterpreted,” but stood by the artistic choice she and Cyrus made together.

"The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little make-up, and I think it is very beautiful," Leibovitz stated according to The Telegraph.


We fully accept Cyrus’ rescinded apology. It’s Miley’s body, and she should feel free to do whatever makes her happy and comfortable.

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