Miley Cyrus and her sisters did a choreographed pajama dance to NSYNC last night, and it’s all we’ve ever needed

The Cyrus family officially graced us with the best Christmas gift we could have ever asked for this year: A video of Miley Cyrus and her sisters dancing to NSYNC in their pajamas. And we don’t mean a video of the girls as small children. We mean, like, they filmed this last night, Christmas Eve 2017, as grown adults. And we are here for it.

The epic video was posted to Miley’s Insta account in the very early hours of December 25th (as in, Christmas), and included the caption,

"The tree ain't the only thang gettin LIT this year. 🔥🔥🔥" and she tagged her sisters and mom, Noah, Brandi, and Tish.

Miley is no stranger to gracing us with festive holiday images. Just last year, when she spent the holidays with fiancé Liam Hemsworth’s family, we were gifted with pics of holiday onesies, “ugly” Christmas sweaters, and a healthy dose of adorable dogs. And now, THIS:

We’re genuinely impressed. Look at those MOVES. (And notice that Miley appears to be the ring-leader/dance coach, reminding the crew when to change positions and shouting subtle encouragement. We’d honestly expect nothing less).

Perhaps the most epic part of the entire video is a stoic Billy Ray Cyrus in the background,watching the entire scene unfold from the comfort of a chair, relaxing under a blanket with a dog in his lap. He truly is #DADGOALS.

Of course, at the end of the day we really just love how utterly relatable this is. It doesn’t matter that Miley is a world-famous superstar. When she’s with the fam, she’s chillin’ in sweats and dancing with her mom and siblings. And it warms our hearts.

Happy Holidays! Now excuse us while we whip out the NYSNC.

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