Miley Cyrus shares a sneak peek at her family filming their new Bravo reality show

Family time is the best time! Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus gave us a sneak peek at her family farm while filming their new Bravo reality show in Nashville.

In case you missed it, Cyrus’ mom, Trish and her older sister, Brandi are going be to Bravo TV stars! They are set to star in Cyrus vs. Cyrus, an interior design competition show.

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old singer spent some quality time with her family while they happened to be filming Season 1 of Cyrus vs. Cyrus. While we don’t know if The Voice coach will be on the show, we do know that her photos are like a private look into their lives in Tennessee.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer spent time with her big bros, Trace and Braison, her parents, and sister Brandi.

She also hung out on her family’s farm in Nashville.

There was even some cow bonding time, before sharing a snuggle with one of her dogs and her mother.

Such a cute mother-daughter moment!

Before Cyrus reunited with her family (minus little sis Noah), Brandi and Trish began filming their final week of the upcoming show.

According to Bravo in a press release, Trish and Brandi will be pitted against one another while trying to win over new clients with their stylish home designs. Whichever family member doesn’t win the client, will be the other’s assistant.

Yes, it’s definitely a departure for the Hollywood-focused family, but we’re very excited to see another side of this musical family.

"They are equally talented designers, but with very different aesthetics, and watching them transform one home a week will be almost as entertaining as the antics that ensue along the way," Bravo's SVP of Development, Laura Spotts said in the press release via People.

Check out a few of their cute mother-daughter set moments, ahead of the show’s 2017 premiere.

One thing is for sure, the family that hangs out on farms together, or films together, stays together!

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