Miley Cyrus shut DOWN pregnancy rumors with a single photo

If you’re like us, after eating inhaling Thanksgiving dinner, you might look somewhere between six to eight weeks pregnant. This doesn’t affect us in any particular way. We look at ourselves in the mirror that night, shrug, and move on with our food baby and our lives. But this is not the case if you are Miley Cyrus. Shortly after the “Malibu” singer posted a photo of her post-turkey day belly on Twitter and Instagram, hordes of her fans began congratulating Cyrus on her non-existent bun in the oven.

Sigh. But Cyrus, true to form, quickly shut it down in one simple tweet.

Here’s the first photo she shared on Instagram. In the pic, which was meant to highlight Cyrus’s impending birthday celebration, you can see that she’s standing with her back arched and her stomach out. She captioned it, “So close to b-day time! Stoked for a day full of Tofurkey & loved ones! Ain’t it ironic? #VeganTurkeyBaby

The comments then began streaming in. Her fans started saying things like, “So you are pregnant, congratulations haha” and “When is the baby due”.

Miley didn’t waste any time. Soon after she tweeted another photo with the caption: “RUDE!!! Not pregnant just eating a shit ton of tufurkey.”

We feeeeeel you, Miley. We also feel very lucky that we are not famous and don’t have to deal with this nonsense.

Despite the rumor mill chaos, Miley seems like she has been living her best life these days. Her latest album, Younger Now, debuted at #5 on the Billboard Charts, she’s in a happy relationship with her Aussie lover, Liam Hemsworth, and she’s been having a blast as a judge on The Voice. Miley also just turned 25!

Happy belated birthday, Miles!

We’re glad you’re not phased by the annoying speculation circuit, Miley! We also hope you’re having a great holiday weekend and that you, like us, are slowly recovering from that food coma.

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