Miley Cyrus shared an 8-year-old photo of her first kiss with Liam Hemsworth

Happy International Kissing Day, everyone! Today is a day to share a smooch with someone you care about and reminisce about all the past smooches you’ve ever gotten. “Malibu” singer, Miley Cyrus, decided to share her kiss reminiscing with her fans, by posting a photo of her first kiss with beau Liam Hemsworth.

In fact, Cyrus and Hemsworth fans might recognize the couple’s first kiss. Cyrus’ hair and the ocean backdrop pretty much give it away. The kiss happened 8 years ago, on the set of their film The Last Song. 

That means cameras were rolling and the two were ~technically~ in character.

But judging by the fact that Cyrus and Hemsworth ended up falling for each other while shooting The Last Song makes us think that the two were kind of in character during their first kiss — but more so real-life in love with each other.

All that sexual tension and romance between Cyrus and Hemsworth in The Last Song was real! Our hearts have yet to recover since the debut of the film and their real-life relationship.

But, sorry Liam — you’re not the only one Miley is sharing International Kissing Day with. Cyrus posted a photo to her Instagram celebrating the day with her pup Emu —

— and she shared another pic of herself giving a peck to Paul McCartney!

We shouldn’t feel too bad for Hemsworth, though. He has plenty of friends who would be over the moon to spend International Kiss Day with him.

We are truly so in love with Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship. They are seriously #goals on International Kiss Day, and every other day of the year!

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