Here’s what happened when Miley Cyrus realized her phone was dying on stage

Realizing your phone is dying when you’re out and about is annoying. Realizing your phone is dying on stage at Carnegie Hall? Even more so. However, when that happened to Miley Cyrus, she did the obvious: she charged it.

Miley’s no-care attitude is perfect for these kinds of moments. While other artists would have let their phone die as they rocked out on stage, Miley brought her’s with her, and let it sit and charge while she performed. She even Instagrammed about the moment:

She captioned the photo:

This breezy attitude is exactly why we love her, and we totally feel her on that I-need-a-charger-right-now moment (we’ve just never had to do it in front of hundreds of people). We wish her a long and fruitful battery life for the rest of her tour, but know that if all else fails, she has no problem hadling the issue herself.

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