Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s valentine to the world is worth a hundred LOLs

Nothing says “I love you” like a Valentine’s Day gift that makes your person laugh, as well as borderline embarrasses them. But in a super lovable way, of course. With this in mind, we’d say that Miley Cyrus just won Valentine’s Day with her shout-out to Liam Hemsworth, because it’s legit hysterical.

Cyrus posted a photo to Instagram of her and Hemsworth posing together on a red carpet wearing the exact same glamorous, sparkly heart-covered red dress. Except, someone photoshopped Hemsworth into the pic, as well as the dress.

Making her Valentine’s Day post the big winner of the day.

“@liamhemsworth & I wish you a VERY loveyyyyy V-Day ❤️??,” she captioned the pic.

The actual photo of Cyrus was taken back in 2015 at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in NYC. But since the dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Cyrus brought it back for good measure.

Of course, Hemsworth isn’t her only valentine this year, she also threw out a request to Laverne Cox to join her and Tyler Ford in their little valentine threesome. She wrote, “@lavernecox will you be our Valentine? ❤️ @tywrent”

Ford is a former contestant on The Glee Project and was Cyrus’ date to the amfAR event.

Cyrus clearly has mad love for her friend. She posted a collage of pictures from that night and wrote,

"Have a Happy Hippie Valentimezzzzz! TBTuesday to my date night with @tywrent!!!!!! It's all about L-O-V-E everyday!!!!!! Celebrate friendship, family, animals , partners , art , music ...... everything that makes your heart smile! Try your very best to make sure everyone you come in contact with today feels extra special! Even just a big ol smile is sure to make the day of those around you! Be the WORLDS valentine! ❤️🌹💋🎈🍒 @happyhippiefdn"

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. We hope your hearts are smiling today and every day!

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