The Internet is freaking out about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Remember back in 2009, when Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus met on the set of The Last Song? And then they fell madly in love and got engaged and everything was right with the world? If you remember that, you unfortunately probably remember 2013, when the two decided to call off their engagement and break up. A sad, sad day, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

Or does it?

New Year’s can be an *ultra* romantic holiday, and guys, Liam and Miley went to the same festival — Falls Music Festival at Byron Bay in Australia — together for the new year. OK, doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal, right?

Except a source told Entertainment Times that they were seen kissing and hugging. Oh, and according to said source, they weren’t trying to hide their affection at all — they seemed quite happy indeed.

A few festival-goers also tweeted about spotting the two:

And guys, people are feeling a LOT of feelings about this possible new development.

This all comes just a few months after Liam opened up to Men’s Fitness, saying that their relationship was “real”:

Whether they’re back together or not, we’re just happy Miam is having fun. And if they *are* back together. . . 2016 is already amazing and true love is REAL, GUYS.

(Image via Shutterstock.)

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