Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are super cute together at this bizarrely themed party

We’ve basically been non-stop hand-flailing with joy ever since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reunited earlier this year, following one broken engagement and over two years apart. When the two first got back together, they kept a pretty low-profile for the most part – hints that the two had rekindled their romance were pretty subtle for months, along the lines of a glimpse at what appeared to be a ring on Miley’s finger and pics of the two spotted around town together by paparazzi. Recently, though, the two have been a bit more open on social media about their romance part deux – a few weeks ago, Miley shared an adorable photo of Liam and her dog, and Liam posted a photo of the two hanging out with a cute pig on his own Instagram a day later.

And then this Instagram duet, which just about broke us.

Liam and Miley are, of course, well within their rights to maintain an air of secrecy around their rumored new engagement – much as it drives us all batty – but we’re also well within our rights to totally geek out about how cute these two are together. Now, the two are taking said cuteness to the next level.

Liam and Miley attended a themed birthday party for Liam’s sister-in-law Samantha Hemsworth, and the Instagram photos of the bizarrely-themed costumes are perfection.

Accompanied by Liam’s brother Luke Hemsworth and Miley’s touring partner, lead singer of The Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne, the group stars in a series of hilariously weird Instagram photos.

Uh, I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, but this is amazing. Wayne is rocking golden ram horns and Liam is decked out in a Gold’s Gym shirt and gold basketball shorts, but I think Liam’s bro takes the cake in his all-gold cowboy get-up – complete with golden cowboy hat. Luke’s caption mentions that he “think[s] the theme was ‘gold‘” and that he “even had [a] gold mankini on underneath” his costume. OMG.

Also, I think I now need Wayne’s life size golden unicorn for my own home.

In this pic, we can see Miley glamming it up beside Wayne and his unicorn, rocking gold eye shadow, a golden jersey, and a gold medal around her neck, looking adorable and happy.

There was also a butt-painting – specifically, the party-goers used their butts to paint butterflies. You know, casual birthday activities. LOL.

This looks like it was an amazing party, and two things about Miley and Liam are now very clear. One, Miley is clearly super close to the entire Hemsworth family. And two, this pair really knows how to have fun together.

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