Miley Cyrus chronicled her relationship with Liam Hemsworth in a new video, and we’re in our feelings

Have you had your first cry of the decade yet? If not, you’re about to! (You’re welcome.) Yesterday, January 1st, Miley Cyrus released a 10-minute video on IGTV and YouTube showcasing the highlights (and lowlights) of the past decade of her life. Considering that their relationship both began and ended at the very start and very end of the decade, Cyrus’ ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, features heavily in the video.

The aptly titled Miley Cyrus Decade Video: 10 Years in 10 Minutes first offers us a glimpse of Hemsworth at the nine-second mark. There his gorgeous face is, in a quick clip from The Last Song, where the couple first met in March 2010. Feel old yet?

At the one-minute mark, we see a clip from Hemsworth and Cyrus’s initial engagement in 2012, and then, at 1:56, their breakup in September 2013.

Their relationship footage takes a little hiatus to cover other of Cyrus’ highlights—starting the Happy Hippie foundation, touring around the world, delivering a powerful speech at the 2017 Women’s March in LA. But it reappears at 8:16 with the announcement of their marriage in December 2018. Things get really emotional at 9:13, which announces their separation in August 2019 against a sweet photo from their wedding. That clip is followed up by footage from Cyrus’ “Slide Away” music video and her emotional performance of the song at last year’s VMAs. Excuse us while we sob for a moment.

That said, the video isn’t just a chronicle of a love story that began on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie and ended with some angsty breakup tattoos (so, in our opinion, a truly epic love story) because, as we hope you know, relationships aren’t necessarily the most important part of a person’s life!

The video features Cyrus’ major personal and career milestones from the 2010s, many of which had nothing to do with whom she dated or married.

The video opens with the seminal moment in Hannah Montana when pop-star Hannah reveals her true identity as normal gal Miley Stewart. From there, we see Cyrus’ steady progression from a Disney wunderkind to an adult artist and activist who takes risks, has fun, gives some truly epic performances, usually takes flack for it in the press (remember that twerking-at-the-VMAs controversy from 2013?), advocates for causes she believes in, and continues to live her life however the hell she wants.

The video ends on a hopeful note, with the message that a “new era starts now.” This could be a reference to her upcoming studio album She Is Miley Cyrus. But perhaps it’s also a teaser about a musical collaboration with Cody Simpson?

Either way, we can’t wait to see how Cyrus continues to change and evolve in the 2020s. Whatever or whomever she decides to do, create, and date, we will definitely be paying attention.

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