Miley Cyrus just gave Justin Bieber the weirdest and most wonderful birthday shout out

For most people, an Internet birthday shout out consists of a simple “Happy Birthday!” on their Facebook wall when their sidebar reminds them it’s someone’s special day. Of course, Miley Cyrus isn’t most people, and neither is Justin Bieber, for that matter, so today, on the occasion of Bieber’s 22nd birthday, Cyrus sent her comrade and pop star arms the silliest of greetings.

No, your eyes do not deceive you, Miley definitely just morphed her face with, ahem, J Biebs. And it’s crazy to see how well the two faces match up. To be sure there are differences (the mustache definitely ends on Bieber’s side of the face-morph), but there are a couple of eerie similarities. Those noses, those jawlines, that skin tone, those just-barely-peeking-through roots.

Miley and Justin- long lost twins? Or just kinda-sorta doppelgängers? Everything is confusing forever.

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