Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to say something important about greed during Christmas

Plenty of us have memories of being ridiculously excited for our holiday presents as kids — and, hey, it’s totally understandable for a child to be smitten with the gift they just have to own. But, as Miley Cyrus’ Christmas Instagram post points out, we should be well past that phase and we should spread the message that the holidays aren’t about material items and pricey gifts — they’re about spending time with our loved ones and using our resources to support important causes that will help those in need.

"I just hope everyone gives the gift of love and acceptance this year to not only their own family but those around the globe who don't get everything they wished for due to life's unfair circumstances!" Cyrus wrote in her caption.

She also wrote that The Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization dedicated to rallying young people to fight injustice and support LGBT youth, is what gives her a sense of purpose all year round — not just during the holiday season.

"Without it I would feel so lost and useless on this planet," Cyrus continued, before thanking everyone who supports their mission.

Cyrus’ Instagram message, which concludes with the hashtag #celebrateloveveryday, is especially relevant this year. It’s no secret that 2016 has been painful for many of us, so it’s more important than ever that we appreciate every moment with our loved ones and fight injustice in any way we can.

It’s easy to unwittingly get caught up in the materialistic aspect of the holidays — so bravo to Cyrus for sharing such wise words with her 60 million followers, many of whom are tweens and teens who look up to the pop star.

But, regardless of our ages, we could all use this reminder. Now more than ever, it’s deeply important to hold our loved ones close and to find purpose through activism.

As Cyrus says, giving the gifts of love and acceptance to those we know and people all over the globe is far more fulfilling than owning the latest, trendiest version of a designer handbag.

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