Miley Cyrus’s photo shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar” is an easy breezy ode to nature

Miley Cyrus appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this August, and she’s definitely serving up some mystical, woodland nature vibes in the photos we’ve seen so far.

Cyrus posted a snapshot of the cover to Instagram Wednesday after the magazine announced the August 2017 issue.

In the cover photo, the “Malibu” singer wears an ultra cozy-looking, oversized white knit and a daisy flower crown. Her fresh-faced, barely-there makeup completes her magical look.

"Loooooove!" Cyrus wrote alongside the photo, a pretty clear indication she's pleased with how everything turned out.

Cyrus went on to post more photos from her Harper’s Bazaar shoot, and hot damn: Homegirl’s skin is glowing so much it’s like we’re staring into the glorious midday sun.

And, as if she wasn’t didn’t look glowing enough, Cyrus posted a photograph of her JUST CASUALLY LOUNGING IN THE SUNSHINE atop a giant, blissfully-pink floral heart. As you do.

She then goes on to use said giant floral heart as the world’s most glamorous and natural bed.

Tom VanDorpe styled Miley into this glowing fairytale creature for the shoot, which esteemed fashion photographer Camilla Akrans directed.

Can’t get enough? Don’t worry, there’s also video.

The August issue of Harper’s Bazaar hits newsstands on July 25th.

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