Miley Cyrus got a brand new tattoo, and here’s what it means

Miley Cyrus has never been shy about showing off her ink on social media. While she might now be sober, the singer and actor got a weed tattoo late last year, and earlier this year showed off a beautiful ink tribute to her dog. Cyrus also has art nodding to her partner Liam Hemsworth in the form of an Australian Vegemite tattoo, and showed her love for her dad by getting the word dad tattooed on her foot.

Given that Miley’s tattoos have super personal messages and themes, we’re not surprised that the singer’s latest tattoo also holds significance.

The 24 year old shared that she had the vegan sign — a sunflower that shapes into a V — tattooed under her arm.

Posting a picture on Instagram, she wrote: “Vegan for life!”

This makes sense. We know that Miley is a huge animal rights activist, and has many of her own animals, including dogs, cats, and a pet pig. Indeed, the singer is often sharing vegan memes on Instagram.

Speaking to Paper magazine in 2015, Miley revealed that after her dog Floyd was mauled to death by a coyote in 2014, she decided to give up eating animal products. It’s a lifestyle choice that Liam Hemsworth has adopted, too.

Speaking to last year, Liam shared that he didn’t agree with the ethics of how some animal products are produced.

“I did some research about cruelty to animals. Ethically, I didn’t feel good about supporting those industries,” he said. “It’s not good for the environment, it’s not good for people and certainly not for animals.”

We love that Miley can express herself through her body art and that each of her tattoos has personal meaning to her. We can’t wait to see what other designs she gets in the future.

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