Uh oh: Miley Cyrus has a warning for anyone who uses eyelash curlers

Who knew your beauty routine could be so dangerous? When getting ready for a red carpet event or some kind of insane underground party (we’re just imagining), Miley Cyrus experienced a minor beauty disaster with her eyelash curler. While innocently using it to give her peepers a bit more pop, she accidentally chopped off a whole chunk of her lashes. What?? That’s possible?

Warning: close-up eyeball shot.

Miley posted the pic four days ago with the caption: “F–king curler chopped my dayummmm lash!”

Apparently, it is possible to lose your lashes with your lash curler, so add that to the list of things that will keep me up at night.

Thankfully, makeup artist Joseph Carrillo told Elle.com some tips for preventing this lash disaster. “A huge, huge, HUGE, thing is to make sure you wipe excess mascara off the curler after each use,” he advises. “You can’t let it get sticky and gunky.”

He also recommends replacing the squishy padding on the curler pretty regularly, using the small packs found at any drug store.

Now we know how to prevent this kind of slip-up, but something tells me that Miley’s gonna rock this look regardless.

(Image via Shutterstock.com)