Miley Cyrus explains why she keeps growing out her roots, and it’s actually a fantastic message about beauty ideals

Changing your hair is like an initiation. Perhaps you chopped off your hair before college or dyed it a funky shade after you broke up with your ex. How we choose to style our mane is one way in which we can control other people’s perceptions of us. No stranger to this idea, Miley Cyrus’ roots keep on growing. Miley revealed why she’s been rocking the two-tone hair trend, and her explanation is so on point.

Cyrus, who rocked a short, bleached cut until recently when she decided to grow it out, explained that not only is it easier, but it’s pretty much a “screw you” to societal beauty constructs.

According to Refinery29, in an interview with The Cooper Lawrence Show, Miley said that

“I like blonde and brown — now I don’t have to choose.”

Beyond that, the fact that Miley is doing what she wants regardless of how society may view her choices is pretty inspiring! Self-expression should ultimately be up to the person, as should the haircut. So even though we may not all love the grown-out root look, we’re thankful Miley is doing what she wants.

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