Miley Cyrus is dressing as a really traditional Disney princess for Halloween

While all of us are trying to come up with the most perfectly topical Halloween costume ever (my personal favorite is Sexy Pizza Rat), Miley Cyrus is taking things old school this year. On Thursday, she posted a pic of herself in a classic, powder blue Cinderella outfit, complete with a matching headband and black choker necklace.

Weirdly enough, this outfit makes Miley look kind of childlike, definitely ready for some trick-or-treating. Her personal style has been pushing the boundaries for so long (read: daily leotards) that the Cinderella get-up seems kind of, well, out there for her. Last year, the pop star dressed up as Lil’ Kim, which involved wearing a onesie and a barely there pasty — definitely makes Disney princesses look more rated-G than ever.

She makes a beautiful Cinderella, but we have to wonder if there’s more to this Halloween costume. In the photo’s caption, Miley does call her ensemble “CinderSMELLY,” which is hilarious. Perhaps the outfit is a statement about natural deodorants.

Miley isn’t the only one preparing for All Hallow’s Eve. She also shared a photo of her four doggies wearing their costumes. One of them is an adorable UFO, while the others are dressed as delicious foods: a cheeseburger, a banana split, and a hot dog – gah, get it? So punny. Maybe Miley and her pups are onto something: Maybe classic is the way to go. Maybe I need to rethink the Sexy Pizza Rat dress. Maybe.

(Image via here.)

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