Miley Cyrus’ deleted “SNL” sketch will make you laugh and feel empowered

When Miley Cyrus hosted SNL in October 2015, she and the hilarious Aidy Bryant starred in a sketch where they played two passive secretaries who transformed into office workplace warriors. Unfortunately, the sketch was cut from the final airing of the show — apparently for timing reasons — so the world was never given the opportunity to watch the ladies turn into badass office superheroes.

But thanks to the SNL YouTube channel, everyone can now watch Cyrus and Bryant do their boss lady thing.

Here’s the premise: The two mild-mannered secretaries were sick and tired of being belittled by their sexist co-workers and their boss Mr. Dildorf, so they drank a vial of ancient potion they found while sightseeing in Egypt, which was made from Cleopatra’s tears and blessed by the Goddess Linda. The potion bestowed on them mighty leadership and communication powers to bring equality to the corporate world.

The results? “Thanks to that battle, women will be getting equal pay from now on,” Cyrus’s character said. Yes! Now we just need women workplace warriors in all work environments everywhere!

Check it out:

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