Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo and it’s weirdly sweet

Miley Cyrus’s tattoo collection is the subject of much discussion. She’s got everything from a pufferfish to a jar of Vegemite to planets, so the fact that Miley Cyrus got another tattoo isn’t that groundbreaking.

BUT this particular tattoo is giving us a lot of feels. It’s just a simple three-letter word, but it’s incredibly touching.

Miley Cyrus got a “DAD” tattoo on her foot, and we are loving this father-daughter relationship.

As far as Miley’s self-described “perma skin art” goes, it’s usually pretty out there, so the fact that this one is fairly simple and straightforward is noteworthy.

And one more thing about this touching tattoo. Billy Ray Cyrus is actually the one who broke the news by posting a photo of what’s presumably Miley’s foot inked with the letters D-A-D. He also tagged her, so we think it’s safe to say that the foot in question is, in fact, Miley’s.

"This may be the best tattoo I've ever seen," the proud dad writes.

Aww! Well, Billy Ray is the reason that Miley decided to pursue a musical career in the first place. They’ve always been close, and it’s so sweet to see. We’re not surprised she’d want to pay tribute to him.

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