Miley Cyrus just cut her own bangs at home: “Luckily for me, I won’t be seeing anyone”

We would estimate that 96% of people have considered cutting their own bangs while quarantined. (Disclaimer: We are not trained statisticians.) If you’re in that camp, be warned—or inspired, depending on what you’re into—by Miley Cyrus. Cyrus actually did what the rest of us are only imagining we might do: She took a pair of scissors to her own hair. She cut her own bangs. She is braver than we will ever be.

Cyrus debuted her self-cut bangs on Episode 12 of Bright Minded, the Instagram Live talk show she launched to help “people stay LIT in dark times.” The “Slide Away” singer went into more detail about her new cut with two of her guests, hairstylist Justin Anderson and reality star Kristin Cavallari. Keep in mind that Cyrus added these short bangs to her existing blonde mullet. The overall look may remind you of a certain imprisoned former zoo owner who’s recently skyrocketed to Netflix fame.

“You know how your phone listens to you and just starts posting things right after you say it? The minute that I gave myself this haircut, all of a sudden all my updates were Tiger King memes,” Cyrus said.

For the record: We still think she looks super cool. She is incapable of looking anything but.

“Quarantine is like the scariest thing for you and your hair,” stylist Anderson joked. “You love to do a change every once [in a while]…You love to do little tweaks and stuff. So you being at home all day long with a pair of scissors, that’s scary.”

Scary, indeed. After the bangs, Cyrus took to her hair with a pair of thinning shears—which another stylist friend dropped off in her mailbox, and which she proceeded to disinfect with Clorox wipes. But she said the shears only intensified the shag/mullet aspect.

“My joke is that I went to bed Miley Cyrus and woke up Keith Richards,” Cyrus said.

When Cyrus called her incredibly famous stylist Sally Hershberger to tell her what she had done, Hershberger replied: “Girl, I’m Sally Hershberger and I don’t cut my own hair.”

Anderson confirmed: “It’s so true, you cannot cut your own hair.”

What Anderson recommends instead is to wear our quarantine hair naturally, giving it a break from heat styling tools, and cutting back on shampooing and conditioning. But it’s not the worst thing in the world if you give into the bang temptation. As Cyrus said, “It’s a fun time to play, it’s a fun time to experiment,” and we probably “won’t be seeing anyone” for a while, anyway.

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