Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson had a PDA-filled couple’s Halloween costume

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have officially thrown the dating rulebook out the window. After joining forces just over a month ago (a mere month after Cyrus split from her husband Liam Hemsworth), Cyrus and Simpson debuted a steamy, sexy, PDA-heavy couple’s Halloween costume on Instagram. Too soon? Not for this duo, and TBH, who are we to say otherwise?


Simpson and Cyrus went as Billy Idol and his 1980s flame Perri Lester, donning a ton of studs, leather, and lace. And paired with their tattoos and burning passion for each other, Cyrus and Simpson were probably the hottest couple at whatever Halloween party they attended.

They both shared their costumes on Instagram yesterday, October 31st, and we’ll warn you now—they’re not entirely safe for work.

First, Cyrus and Simpson beautified themselves pre-party. “makin up my man into baby billy idol!” Cyrus captioned her first post.

For those who may not know what exactly they were going for, Cyrus posted a side-by-side image of herself and Simpson next to Billy and Perri.

Then, the videos were uploaded.

“White Wedding?” Does that mean…? No, we won’t go there.

We can’t deny that this new couple looked hot. Plus, they really hit the nail on the head with their ’80s-inspired looks.

And the sex appeal kept coming, even after the costumes were taken off.

Okay, Cyrus and Simpson. We’re totally blushing. We were skeptical about these two being at the couple’s costume stage in their relationship, but we take back all of our prior judgments. They rocked it—literally.

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