Miley Cyrus bleached her own hair at home and we did not expect this reaction

We all know celebs have pretty much any hairstylist or colorist their disposal. But just like us, Miley Cyrus is not immune to playing with her look a little bit when she gets bored! The singer recently bleached her own hair while “rebelling out of boredom” and was not too happy with the results. It wasn’t just her bleached blonde hair that she was unhappy with, though (and for the record, we think it looks really, really cool). Miley posted a long Instagram yesterday about how she doesn’t want to seem “self-obsessed” for being so concerned with her appearance when there are important things happening in the world.

Learned a valuable lesson in this meaningless process,” she wrote, continuing:

Miley goes on to say that she’s worried because “Donald Trump is running for president (successfully) and climate change is extremely real and scary,” presumably because she wishes she were thinking about  about that more than her “silly” hair.

Whoa, Miley, whoa! Slow down a second. You’re being way too hard on yourself! It’s TOTALLY okay to play with your hair when you’re bored. It’s also not necessary to be thinking about serious, heavy topics like climate change all of the time. In fact, it’s actually better for everyone, really, that we take a break from the serious stuff once and awhile.

And for what it’s worth, Miley, we think your hair looks cool!

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