8 of the cutest moments between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth—because admit it, we were all rooting for them

When Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first announced their engagement in 2012, we had a lot of feelings. But after dozens of cute moments between Miley and Liam on and off the red carpet, the couple called it quits—though it seemed like they remained friends. Then, our dreams were realized and the two not only found their way back to each other, but tied the knot. The couple said their “I dos” just before Christmas in 2018 and seemed to be going strong for about seven months.

Sadly, Miley and Liam have confirmed rumors that they’re separated, and honestly, we’re shedding some real tears. Because we were rooting for these two, Tyra Banks-style, we have to look back at the couple’s sweetest moments together and cross our fingers for a reconciliation. It wouldn’t be the first time.

1 Any time Miley and Liam wear matching holiday outfits.

Look, let’s be real: They are different shapes and sizes, and have vastly different energies as people. So whenever they coordinate their outfits, be it for Christmas or New Year’s or just YOLO’ing through life, we are here for it. Miley’s colorful style and bubbly energy is totally infectious, and I love that Liam is all about it. Also they have matching tattoos. Of Vegemite. In case you had any doubt of how Australian Liam is.


To appreciate Miley Cyrus is to appreciate her love of animals. All animals, large and small. For example, the potbellied pig that lives in the house with her. When Jimmy Fallon once asked if she assumed she was adopting a miniature pig, Cyrus was baffled by the question—after all, she said, she’s from the South, and she knew what she was getting. This is all a very long way of explaining that Liam is frequently spotted out and about walking dogs and it is so precious. Most of them are/were Miley’s from outside of their relationship, so his embracing them makes you want to hug everyone in the near vicinity.

Their birthday gifts for each other.

What do you get the actor or pop icon that literally has it all? Lots of thoughtful and loving presents that can be thoroughly documented on social media for maximum appreciation-slash-enjoyment.

4 Literally every time Liam pranked Miley—sorry, but it’s true!

If you follow either one of them on social media, you’ll know that Liam is fond of pranking his beloved. In fact, he loves a quality prank as much as Miley hates one. He’s known to scare her when she’s walking around corners, sneak up when she’s not expecting it, and casually interfere with her video updates. We know it maybe doesn’t sound adorable when it’s listed like that, but trust us on this. He loves to rile her up, but she wouldn’t share it if she didn’t find some joy in it.

5 When Liam called Miley his “angel,” and sigh.

HIS. ANGEL. Catch me, I’m swooning. It helps that he looks charming AF in the photo the “Angel” caption belongs with…and she looks super goofy. You know how real their love is. You just know it.

6That time their date night was an Elton John concert in Las Vegas.

The actor also attended his fiancée’s sister’s concert recently, which is just precious. We stan families that support families.

7 Liam and Miley hitting the red carpet and absolutely nailing it.

They don’t do it as much as they used to, but whenever Miley and Liam make a red carpet appearance together, you know it’s going to be perfect. She tends to tone down her eccentric personal style for Liam’s events, which, if you think about it, is actually supportive: she doesn’t want to take away from his big night. They also tend to coordinate their formalwear, which is the *chef’s kiss* of celebrity couple outings.

8 When they celebrate 10 years together!

Amid rumors of a split, Miley Cyrus showed her longtime love for Liam with an adorable throwback post that shows how far they’ve come. Our nostalgic hearts are swooning for these photos from The Last Song, and the icing on the cake is Miley’s heartfelt dedication.

"Started digging you in 2009 @LiamHemsworth. Shit got deep. Happy anniversary," she wrote.

We hope that’s not the end of the adorable moments between Miley and Liam.