Here’s the artwork Miley Cyrus made of Caitlyn Jenner that raised $69,000

Miley Cyrus is doing all kinds of amazing things lately. Last month, she launched the Happy Hippie Foundation, which aims to provide vulnerable youth groups support, opportunities, and education. Last week, she opened up about what it was like to come out as both sexuality- and gender-fluid to her mother. Then, earlier this week, she launched an Instagram campaign to share underrepresented stories from the LGBTQ+ community.

That brings us to Tuesday night, when she was honored for her advocacy efforts at the amFAR Inspiration Gala. As a part of the awards ceremony, Miley auctioned off some very cool collage art she herself created, inspired by the recent Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover.

The bidding initially stalled at $65,000, reports Cosmopolitan, but then our girl Miley stood up and said, “My left boob is awkwardly bigger than my right one, and I’ll show you the left one if we can get it to. . . all right — we’re at $65 — what about $69?. . . I’ll clean your house. Naked.” The auctioneer took the bait, and the pieces went for $69,000. The money is going towards HIV and AIDS research.

“There are so many people around the world right now that deserve this recognition,” Miley said in her acceptance speech, according to Cosmopolitan. “And they’ve dedicated their lives to finding a cure. . . and by receiving this award tonight, I promise to continue to fight along with such an industrious army for a cure for this epidemic.”

Miley also thanked her parents, who were in the audience. “I just want to tell my parents I hope that this makes them proud. . . You are two of the most selfless people, and you have taught me and all of my siblings how important it is to be there for those who need us,” a tearful Miley said. “And how important it is to care about other people and their lives, so thank you for making me like that. And, um, people say that they don’t choose their family, but I’d choose my family every time. And I think that even if you weren’t my mom and dad, I’d hope we’d still be in the room together looking for a cure.”

Keep doing you, Miley. You’re making a difference as an artist of many talents.

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