Miles Teller says sorry for his blonde hair, we forgive him

We love anyone who is brave enough to switch up their look with a dramatic haircut or color. Sometimes the new look is surprisingly gorgeous and, other times, well, it might not work quite as well as one hoped.

Such is the case for Miles Teller, who switched up his light brown hair for a much lighter color (for a movie role) and people had a lot of feels about it

The actor, who told GMA that he dyed his hair for a movie role, seemingly upset his fans who didn’t hide how they really felt about his hair.

Ouch, right? Well, it seems the 29-year-old Divergent star didn’t take the criticism to heart, but he did offer his apologies for the upset.

Teller shared a photo in a tweet earlier proving he heard his fans and he’s ditching the lighter locks and going back to his roots.

We accept your apology, Miles, and we forgive you!

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