Miles Teller is BLONDE and Twitter has some feelings about it

The internet’s little brother Miles Teller is blonde, and boy do we have feelings about it.

Miles Teller showed off his new golden locks at the ESPY Awards, where he presented the award for Best Comeback Athlete to Danica Patrick. Of course, to those who follow Teller’s life closely, the change in color was no surprise—his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry instagrammed a picture of her newly blonde beau weeks ago:

Nonetheless, Teller’s performance at the ESPY Awards was his first public appearance with the locks, and fans took to Twitter to freak out and share their disapproval: false false false false false false false false

We’re used to the internet freaking out when female celebrities dye their hair, this is a reminder that male celebrities can receive just as much backlash. It’s okay, Miles Teller, we still love you, brown hair or otherwise.

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