This is the #1 way to have sex on an airplane without getting caught, according to a flight attendant

Joining the Mile High Club is considered something of a sexual milestone — it’s adventurous, bold, and kind of hilarious, not to mention logistically impressive. If you’ve ever spent any time on an airplane, though, you’ve probably wondered how people actually manage to find the space to have sex, let alone how they do it without getting noticed almost immediately.

As it turns out, there’s a secret involved, and now we know what it is.

A flight attendant revealed the number one way to have sex on an airplane  — AKA join the Mile High Club — without getting caught, and we have to admit, it’s kind of genius.

Having sex in a cramped space 30,000 feet in the air surrounded by cranky, uncomfortable people doesn’t sound ideal to many, but if you’re into it, we won’t judge. You just need to know exactly how to do it so you don’t get caught.

According to Jenna Leigh, a flight attendant and author of the book Faking the O (which is about her struggles with dating as a flight attendant and single mother), the crew almost always knows what you’re up to. (Yikes.) In an interview with HuffPost about airplane sex, Leigh reveals that she’s caught many couples in the act during her two-decade run as a flight attendant, and she’s even caught some people getting it on in their seats, which seems impossible considering how much leg room you’re offered, but okay.

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So what’s the number one secret to pulling off this sexual feat without embarrassing yourself? Leigh says,

"If you want to give yourself the best chance at joining the Mile High Club, take a red-eye flight where most passengers are likely to be asleep!"

It makes sense! With most passengers asleep, you have a better chance of not getting interrupted in the bathroom, or caught while you’re going in or out. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you might even be able to pull it off at your seat. Hey, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend did it, so it’s not impossible.

Another tip from Leigh is to act as casual as possible. She says, “The number one reason [couples] fail or get caught in the act is because they’re too obvious about it. Couples try to be discreet, but it always backfires because they act so guilty and end up drawing more attention to themselves.”

Even if you follow both of those rules, though, Leigh says you still have a pretty good chance of getting caught in the act. Flight attendants are trained to keep an eye on passengers, and they notice the little details. Say you two were the only ones out of your seat in the middle of the night — if they notice that only one bathroom is occupied, they’ll put two and two together.

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Here’s what you can learn from this: If you want to join the Mile High Club, you need to do it on a red-eye and practice acting nonchalant. Good luck up there.