And now for a mildly terrifying picture of Harry Styles as a kid

Harry Styles is generally considered to be a good-looking human. Even if he’s not your personal cup of tea, you can at least admit that lots of other people seem to find his face appealing. Styles is photogenic, always prepared with a bright smile or a mysterious smirk. It’s hard to find a truly bad picture of the guy. That’s why were so surprised when this mildly terrifying picture of the singer surfaced online this week. He’s a kid in the picture, though, so it’s also kind of cute in a way. It’s terrifying and cute. Tute? Cerrifying? We’ll work on that.


Harry was a cute kid, but everyone takes a weird picture every now and then and Harry is no exception. Before we show you the picture that has been circling the Internet over the past few days, prepare for a lot of mixed feelings.

Honestly, no picture of any member of One Direction could be quite as scary as all the rumors circulating about their future as a band (because if they’re breaking up for good, my heart will be broken for good), so there’s always that to put things in perspective.

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