Mila Kunis has a lot to say about period underwear

Menstruation is a fascinating, complex process – but you want to know what’s just as interesting? All the products we use to deal with that time of the month. Just one example: period underwear, which many people use and love. Yet, in spite of this, there are still those who haven’t given period panties a whirl and that includes actress Mila Kunis.

During her interview with Glamour for this month’s print issue, Mila Kunis played a game of “Obsessed or Unimpressed” and when the topic of menstrual cups came up, she had a lot to say:

I haven’t tried them yet, so I don’t know, but did you know that they also have menstrual underwear?asked Mila. “At least there’s innovation in this. Like, I am proud of us women just changing the way things are done and I’m okay with that.” Specifically, Mila is referring to the fact that most period underwear companies are owned and operated by women.


It’s interesting,” continued the actress. “It’s definitely different. I mean, have you seen these underwears? I’m obsessed. I haven’t tried it, but I’m obsessed.” How amazing would it be if Mila gave period underwear a try and reported back? I mean, will she be just as obsessed with this invention after she tests them out for herself?

In the end, we’re with Mila. When it comes to period underwear (or any inventions that are meant to make menstruation more comfortable), we are downright obsessed.

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