Read this now: Mila Kunis’s six-word memoir about immigration

While immigrants helped build America, the topic of immigration is politically polarizing. Yet the creators of the show Fresh Off the Boat have joined forces with celebrities to remind people of the humans behind immigration. In the upcoming book Six Words Fresh Off the Boat, Mila Kunis contributed a story about immigration using only six words. And though her message is brief, it provides one example of the hope that immigration can bring.

Although she has been known in America since she was a teenager on That ’70s ShowKunis was actually born in Chernivtsi, which is now part of Ukraine. She immigrated to the U.S. when she was 7 years old through a religious-refugee visa because of the growing anti-Semitism occurring in the Soviet Union at the time, as she explained to Glamour. She only spoke Russian when she moved to Los Angeles, but she said in an episode of My Houzz that she had already adjusted to American life by the time she was 8.

So, obviously, Kunis knows a thing or two about immigration firsthand.

For Six Words Fresh Off the Boat, the creator of Fresh Off the Boat, Nahnatchka Khan, and the show’s executive producer, Melvin Marr, partnered with Six-Word Memoirs to focus on immigration — and Kunis shared her own six words on the topic:

"A better life for our children."

Kunis’ parents gave her and her brother a better life, and she’s now passing that on to her two children with Ashton Kutcher — their daughter, Wyatt, and their son, Dimitri.

Other celebs with immigration stories have also contributed to the book, including Aziz Ansari, George Takei, Regina Spektor, and Jane Lynch. You can read their succinct and touching memoirs — along with Kunis’ — when the book comes out September 5th, and be reminded of the humanity that goes along with immigration.

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