Mila Kunis just won the red carpet with her boho jumpsuit and baby bump

Though it’s been a little over a month since we found out that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting their second child, Mila has already become a maternity fashion icon (one who isn’t afraid to bypass Photoshop and go makeup-free on magazine covers).

I mean, just look at her at the New York-based premiere of Bad Moms:


Mila is wearing the casual jumpsuit of our summer dreams. From the relaxed fit to the artsy, floral details on the garment’s arms, Mila is perfectly embracing a casually comfortable look on the red carpet. But then – there’s the slight v-neck complete with tassels and the pastel pink pumps, which give the pregnant star’s ensemble a chic edge.

And who could ignore Mila’s clever hairstyle? 


Though it’s pulled back in a loose side bun, Mila’s hair actually looks like a wavy bob from the front. It’s the exact look we want for the warmer weather, since it comes off as manageable, easygoing, and stylish. Plus, the bob-like bun beautifully compliments Mila’s entire look by allowing the details on her jumpsuit’s neckline to shine.

As for Kunis’ makeup, it’s (of course) just as memorable as the rest of her getup, making us want to experiment with a silver smokey eye and a subtle pink lip:


Overall, Mila clearly belongs on the cover of a book all about maternity fashion.

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