Hello there, ’90s: Mila Kunis was in this Lisa Frank commercial and it’s incredible

Some of our beloved TV and movie stars of today got their start as child actors and models. Melissa Joan Hart’s first role was in a commercial for a bathtub doll called Splashy. Selena Gomez got her start on Barney & Friends as Gianna. And Mila Kunas?

She was a Lisa Frank Girl.


For those of you who never had one of Lisa Frank’s colorful binders or any of her other must-have, back-to-school supplies, Lisa Frank is the woman behind the colorful, whimsical brand of neon animals and cutesy phrases and ’90s girl nostalgia.

Life is beautiful:


And in an equally beautiful twist of fate, this colorful carnival of childhood is where Kunis got her start!


Here’s the starlet before her That ’70s Show days and beyond, in one of the best Lisa Frank commercials to ever be captured on camera:


Lisa Frank + Mila Kunis = pure, nostalgic magic.

BRB while we dip out and revel in our memories of fly ’90s school supplies.


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