Mila Kunis Helps Out A Scared Reporter On Her Own Interview

Mila Kunis is totally great and amazing and funny and friendly to this “petrified” BBC reporter who “interviewed” her at a press junket for Oz the Great and Powerful. (It was not so much an interview, as you will soon see.) The way she makes this guy feel at ease, the way she enthusiastically talks about beer and seems genuinely interested in British habits, the way she gives her seemingly single-breathed response to ALL of the stock questions she typically gets from reporters (“I loved working with James Franco, he was great. Rachel [Weisz] was an amazing older sister and Michelle [Williams] and I didn’t really have very many scenes together, so our only compliant was that we wished we worked together more.”), all so that they can go back to talking about beer (her favorite is Blue Moon). Oh, and did you know she appeared on Baywatch twice? Fact.

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