Mila Kunis was so good on “Baywatch” that they had her on TWICE

As an amazing mom and talented actor, Mila Kunis seems to do no wrong. And apparently she’s been an overachiever for quite sometime. In one of her earliest acting roles, Mila actually played small, but pivotol roles on the iconic ’90s TV show Baywatch.

Mila was so good, in fact, that they had her on TWICE, as two different characters.

And here are her IMDb credits for ~proof~.


In her first appearance, the episode “Aftershock,” Mila played a beach-going student named Annie, who knows a lot about the ocean.


The answer, btw, is “the moon,” according to Annie/Mila.

A few troublemakers run into the water and get hit with, IRONY, a giant wave!

So, of course Annie is sent on a mission to GO GET HELP…

…and totally nails it.

Baywatch hero to the rescue, kids!


As you can see, Mila did a really great job in her first Baywatch appearance. So good, in fact, that they had her back a year later to take on the role of Bonnie in the episode “Hot Stuff.”

In “Hotstuff” Bonnie and some friends get lost hiking when a brush fire breaks out.

And Bonnie, of course, is the first to call attention to the danger at hand.


Daaammmn, Bonnie, this is getting INTENSE!

The other kids don’t listen, and Bonnie books it the heck outta there, anyway.


Luckily, Bonnie escapes unburnt, bumps into an adult, and saves the day again.

Oh man, can you imagine if Mila made ANOTHER Baywatch cameo in the film next year?!


We could totally see her saving the Rock’s ass.

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