Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher couldn’t hold it together while playing a voice-swapping game

It’s one thing to act opposite your spouse; it’s another to act as their ventriloquist. On the Monday night episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher played a voice swap game, where one of them had to answer questions while the other mouthed along what they were saying. If that sounds difficult to do while keeping a straight face, it is—especially if you’re Mila Kunis.

As soon as Jimmy Fallon asked the first question—”Mila Kunis, how are you doing?”—the couple started laughing, not knowing which of them was supposed to do what. But, they pulled it together and Kutcher told a nice (clearly made-up, mind you) story about his wife’s bathroom experience that morning and how it “opened [her] up to the wonderful energy of the world.”

When it was Kunis’ turn to answer for Kutcher, she shared his favorite music, which includes Kidz Bop and Pete the Cat, while Kutcher gave a very enthusiastic performance. It was the next question that really set Kunis over the edge, though. Fallon asked about her “craziest dream” and when Kutcher launched into a story involving “elbow cancer,” she lost it. Tears were shed, eye makeup was smudged everywhere.

“I don’t know how people keep a straight face,” the Black Swan actor said.

“Do you know that my worst fear—and I said I’ll never do it—is SNL, because of this,” Kunis said. “Because I enjoy laughter, and I have a very hard time holding it in.”

She then mentioned something to Kutcher about people getting “so mad at me” on That ’70s Show for laughing. The couple met on the series in which they played teenage couple, Jackie and Kelso. They reunited years later, got married in 2015, and are now the parents of two children, Wyatt and Dimitri.

In addition to trying and sort of succeeding to talk for each other during the game, Kutcher and Kunis shared how life has been going for them during social distancing. Like many Americans, they’ve become their kids’ teachers. They also released their “quarantine wine,” the profits of which go toward COVID-19 relief. Sounds like a productive—and laugh-filled—quarantine over at the Kunis-Kutcher household.

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