Mila Kunis Admits Ashton Kutcher Was Kinda Drunk When He Said “I Love You”

"I was sober...It happened guys," the actor revealed at the premiere of "Luckiest Girl Alive"

Mila Kunis and tequila make Ashton Kutcher crazy…in love. In a new video from his Peloton running series, Our Future Selves, Kutcher recalled to his guest running partner, Kenny Chesney, how he pulled a Lloyd Dobler with Chesney’s country hit “You and Tequila” while professing his love to his wife for the very first time.

“The first time I told my wife that I love her, was while listening to ‘You and Tequila,'” Kutcher revealed in a new TikTok video by Peloton. “I might have had a little too much tequila,” he laughed, while he and Chesney ran side-by-side on a treadmill.

Kutcher continued, “I showed up drunk at her house, at like two in the morning, and I just started screaming, ‘You and tequila make me crazy,'” to which Chesney responded with a barrel of laughs.

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“And I told her I love her, and she’s like, ‘Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Are you gonna love me in the morning when you wake up from this hangover?’” he continued.

Come morning, Kutcher made sure to reiterate how he felt about the Bad Mom actress. “I woke up the next morning and said, ‘I still love you, ” he beamed.

Earlier this week at the premiere of Netflix’s Luckiest Girl Alive, in which she plays the lead, Kunis confirmed all the blurry details about Ashton’s story “really happened.”

“Oh, I remember that night,” Kunis admitted to Entertainment Tonight. “I didn’t have tequila…I was sober and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ It happened, guys.”

Chesney, for his part, was more than happy to be part of such a big moment in their relationship.

“Well, I had no idea that me and Grace Potter were such a part of a really intimate detail for you and your wife,” Chesney told Kutcher. The duo came out with the hit in 2010.

“You and Grace Potter brought it home,” Kutcher gushed. “These are fundamental moments in my life!”

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