Wait, Did Mila Kunis Say She and Ashton Kutcher Took Their Kids to a Baby Rave?!

"My kids were like, 'this is the best experience ever!'"

Parents who have been stuck at home with their kids throughout the year of the pandemic know that finding constant entertainment for them is no easy quest. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, parents to two young kids, have heavily relied on the new “drive-thru” experiences to get their children (and themselves) out of the house and keep them happy—and the latest drive-thru the Kunis-Kutcher kids attended was, um, pretty far out.

“We did a lot of drive-thru experiences,” Kunis told Jimmy Kimmel during a February 11th virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! “We’ve done all of them…Essentially what it is is you sit in your car and you pay per car going through this drive-thru experience.”

This past weekend was Kutcher’s birthday, so Kunis planned a full day of road tripping, sight seeing, eating, and then…raving. Yes, that’s right. Kunis, Kutcher, and kids attended a drive-thru rave.

“I took my 4-year-old and my 6-year-old and my grown-ass husband to a baby rave,” Kunis said. “It was like, lights everywhere, music. It was physically put on by a rave company. You felt like you were tripping on acid. They give you these [kaleidoscope] glasses…my kids were like, ‘this is the best experience ever!'”

“Child protective services is allowed to come after me, it’s okay. I understand,” Kunis laughed, adding that the traffic getting both into and out of the event made it one of the “worst/greatest things” she’s ever done.

The baby rave plus the family’s prolific corn crop (they grew hundreds upon hundreds of ears of corn, Kunis reported) tells us that Kunis and Kutcher have had quite the quarantine experience. Perhaps they can combine their love for drive-thrus and corn and create their very own drive-thru haunted corn maze in time for Halloween.

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