Mike Schur is making more TV magic with Natalie Morales in a modern-day version of “Cheers”

Here’s some news that comes directly from our dreams. Over the past decade or so, Mike Schur has really solidified himself as one of The Very Best in TV. You may know Schur’s name from just a few beloved television shows. Not only was he a writer and producer on The Office, he is the co-creator of Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Oh, and he’s the sole creator of The Good Place. That’s a very, very impressive resume. Since Schur has been involved in four of the best shows to ever hit TV, we absolutely trust him. And his next project sounds like his most incredible one yet: Schur is teaming with Natalie Morales for a modern day Cheers.

Just think of the Ted Danson crossover potential! We can’t even wait. You know Natalie Morales from Parks and Rec, where she played Tom Haverford’s on-and-off again girlfriend and eventual wife. Morales is also in movies like Battle of the Sexes and has been really open about sexism in Hollywood/the world. (We love her.) She will be perfect in the lead role of Schur’s new show, titled Abby’s.

Abby’s will focus on an unlicensed bar in San Diego.

The similarities to Cheers spawn from the fact that the bar has a handful of regulars that view the establishment with a strong sense of community. In case you’ve never watched Cheers, it is one of those sitcoms that holds up to current times and is definitely worth binge-watching. Abby’s, which will also be on NBC, has a brief description on the network’s site.

Abby's is "where the regulars enthusiastically enforce a unique set of rules that give them a sense of community and allow them to avoid the frustrating behavior found at other establishments," Entertainment Weekly reports.

Natalie Morales will play Abby, a former Army sergeant who is a combination of tough and super caring. Sounds like the perfect role for Morales.

Even though it’s still just a pilot, our wheels are already spinning at the potential Cheers cameos. Just imagine Carla bossing everyone around. Or Woody making a joke that only makes sense to him. And, of course, Norm and Cliff bantering back and forth.

We will be waiting with bated breath for this one. Bless you, Mike Schur!

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