Mike and Sally sing the “Mike’s Super Short Show,” and hit us right in the #tbt feels

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you definitely remember Mike’s Super Short Show. Mike, Sally, and their pup Scooter giving us the scoop in between your favorite episodes of Lizzie Mcguire and Kim Possible was totally the highlight of every preteen’s day.

Always adorable, always bickering, and always ready to give you the down low on when your new fave DCOM was coming out on DVD, Mike and Sally were a fixture on the Disney Channel. (And if you didn’t watch Disney Channel growing up, you’d better get on the DCOM grind stat.)

And now, nine years after Mike’s Super Short Show ended, Sally and Mike are back together again to give your your nostalgia fix for the week.


Reunited and it feels so good.

Mike’s definitely taller and Sally looks too grown up (how old are we?!), but seeing them back together singing that song makes us a little teary, not even gonna lie. Let’s have a little #ThrowbackTuesday (is that a thing? It’s now a thing) and think back on simpler times, when you were sitting on the couch after school with some Tang and double-stuff Oreos…


We still want to be them when we grow up.

Mike hasn’t been around much since the end of Mike’s Super Short Show, but Sally (Alyson Stoner) has nabbed roles in Cheaper by the Dozen and Step-Up and Step-Up 2. That’s right, Step Up. Didn’t know Alyson Stoner could bust a move?

Then you must’ve missed her absolutely killing it as a kid in Missy Elliott’s “Work It” video. Just in case you need a refresher…






We wouldn’t say no to a reboot of Mike’s Super Short Show, but with moves and pigtails like that, maybe Sally should get her name on the credits, too. #justiceforSally

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