“The Mighty Ducks” might soon become a TV show, because ducks fly together

The Mighty Ducks filmseries taught ’90s kids the meaning of friendship, teamwork, and togetherness. And turns out there’s a lot more where that came from, because Mighty Ducks television show is reportedly in development (!!!).

That’s right, a Mighty Ducks TV show might happen at Disney/ABC, with the original screenwriter penning the new version. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a TV series about everyone’s favorite young hockey team is in the works, with Steven Brill drafting the first script.

It’s still in the early stages of development, so there’s no word about whether any of the OG stars will be involved. Emilio Estevez has acted inconsistently since 2000, but Joshua Jackson (Pacey!!!) is still working, and actress Marguerite Moreau recently appeared in Grey’s AnatomyMad Men, and the new Wet Hot American Summer series at Netflix.

So yeah, we’re holding out hope for returns from the talent who appeared in the Mighty Ducks films, which ended in 1996.

It’s also unclear what the new Mighty Ducks show will be about.

Will it follow the storyline of the original Mighty Ducks movie, or do its own thing? We don’t know yet! After all, per The Hollywood Reporter, it’s really too early to say. The only adaptation of the original trilogy was an animated series that ran on ABC from 1996-7, so perhaps that could have some influence?

We *really* aren’t sure where the creative team is going with this one. BUT, we can’t wait to find out once, you know, they get their ducks in a row.


Since the screenwriter has signed a deal with ABC Signature Studios, the series could end up anywhere. Maybe it’ll be adapted for Freeform, which has more of a teenage audience. Or, maybe it’ll skew younger for Disney. It might even end up on ABC itself. Who knows!

One thing is for sure, though: We’d really love it if they kept it ’90s AF. Can you imagine that level of nostalgia on TV every week?

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