There MIGHT be a way to see “Hamilton,” actually

ICYMI, Hamilton has basically transformed Broadway history as much as its namesake Alexander Hamilton transformed American history. It was nominated for about a gazillion Tony Awards, won a bajillion of them, and has a million year waiting list to see the show (OK, this time I’m exaggerating… it’s only like 7 months right now, that’s assuming you can afford the ticket prices).

And with the news that the show’s creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda will be leaving the show as of July 9, most people who aren’t already lucky enough to be in possession of tickets have resigned themselves to believing they’d never get to see the original Hamilton in action. Sure, Miranda’s replacement is extremely talented and we’ll undoubtedly be seeing lots more from Miranda in innovative and exciting future projects, but there’s something really special in seeing the man who started it all be the star of it all.

Until today when Miranda tweeted a cryptic tweet that made us all regain hope that were might actually get to see the phenomenal original cast for ourselves…somehow. false

While we already knew that PBS would show us a short portion of the musical, this must mean that the whole show has been recorded.  Aside from that Harry Potter reference (Gringotts, anyone?) it sounds like we might see the incredible work as it premiered on Broadway for ourselves. Or maybe there will be an easier way that Miranda will tell us about soon. Until then, we’ll have to start thinking of ways to outsmart protective goblins and a huge dragon. Because, from what we’ve heard, seeing the original Hamilton cast is totally worth it.