This might be the most Instagram-worthy art installation we’ve ever seen, and now we’re dying to go see it

The National Art Center of Tokyo celebrated their 10th anniversary this year and things got really colorful. The art center hired French architect and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux to transform their 6500 square foot exhibition space into something beautiful for the big celebration. And boy, did she! The artist brought her vision to life using over 60,000 paper cut-outs and all the colors in the rainbow, to create a magical “Forest of Numbers” and quite possibly the most Instagram-worthy art installation we’ve ever seen.

Each number, 0 through 9, was suspended from the ceiling in groups of 4 to show off 10 floating layers of materialized years.

The display isn’t just super pretty but also meaningful, each layer “visualized the decade of the future from 2017 to 2026, creating a sense of stillness across the large exhibition space.”

With all these pretty colors, we can’t help but to imagine the amazing selfies we’d be able to capture for our Instagram feeds. (Not sorry at all.)

And it turns out, this style of art is kind of Emmanuelle’s signature. She has created countless other colorful pieces in a series called “100 colors” (which we think is a very fitting title).

Now that we’ve seen these amazing pieces, we’re definitely looking forward to others in the series. And trying to figure out how to get Emmanuelle Moureaux to transform our space! We can dream, right?

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