We might have just met our newest (and most dangerous) “Once Upon a Time” power couple

Once Upon a Time is basically a romance machine. On top of cranking out storyline and storyline, re-envisioning all of our favorite fairy tales (as well as some that we, admittedly, forgot all about), the writers are pros at introducing couples that immediately capture a passionate fanbase.

I’d even argue that no other show currently on the air is ~quite~ as ‘ship-heavy as OUAT is. Among the current years-long pairings are Rumple/Belle, Charming/Snow, and Emma/Hook. Three super-popular couples on the air at once is a lot for any show. Seriously  – it’s impressive. Even when one half of a ‘ship is straight-up killed off, the fans don’t give up their favorite pair that easily – just ask the Captain Swan or Outlaw Queen fandoms (the latter of whom have a pleasant surprise return in store this season).

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be gearing up to be a season of romance and true love kisses and happy endings.

While Emma and Killian are doing well (and even moving in together!), she’s supposedly set to die by a mystery-someone’s hand before season end. Rumbelle is having a little bit of a rough go this season – Rumple reverted to his evil ways again and a pregnant Belle has basically had it with him – and Snow/Charming also seem to be headed down a shaky road, given that Charming is apparently choosing vengeance for his father’s death over family. And poor Regina is still reeling from Robin’s death – there’s no ‘ship in sight for her (as of now, anyway).

So I think I speak for all Oncers when I say we *need* a new pairing to shake things up. Luckily, tonight’s episode might have just delivered on that front.

There’s a new possible relationship setting sail on Once Upon a Time. All aboard the S.S. Evil Queen and Hyde, y’all.


I’ll admit it seems a little wacky to ‘ship two evil halves of other characters together, but what can I say? I mean, look at them. They look SO GOOD together, even though they’re, obviously, SO BAD. That walk down the hallway together, arm in arm, can’t mean anything else other than the start of a new ‘ship.

It’s just such an ~immediately~ iconic moment, befitting of a new pairing for viewers to start shipping (or hating, I don’t know) asap. Not to mention the fact that the uber-charismatic Lana Parrilla could create chemistry with a brick wall. And Hyde’s portrayer Sam Witwer is not exactly a slouch in the charisma/looks department either.

For one thing, the Evil Queen and Hyde are so stylish together – and they also have unreal levels of chemistry. Don’t believe it? EXHIBIT A.


Those looks the Evil Queen is throwing = ????.

But did this pairing even happen? Quite naturally, actually.

The two are both super evil (stuff in common!), and the Evil Queen was holding her own trying to take down her enemies – until she hit a roadblock when Emma successfully saved Cinderella from Lady Tremaine, who’d been unleashed by the Evil Queen, and Regina and the Charmings had Jekyll and Frankenstein working together to find a way to destroy her. Hyde sweet-talked the Evil Queen into busting him out of prison so that they could team up to wreak beautiful, scary havoc on the unsuspecting citizens of Storybrooke and the rest, as they say, is history.

I hereby dub this ‘ship #EvilHalves – mostly because I’m not very good at all at coming up with ‘ship names and that’s all I’ve got. But I’m open to suggestions. What would you call this new, dangerous relationship that’s a-brewin’ between Hyde and Regina’s evil half?

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