The EDM Ren Faire of your dreams is happening this spring

Do you have a passion for Renaissance Faires? Do you have a similar passion for EDM, electronic dance music? Have you ever wondered when the two would one day meet in a single extra-festive experience? Have Insomniac Events got a proposal for you.

The events company behind a little rave/festival named Electric Daisy Carnival formally announced Middlelands, a brand new EDM festival that also doubles as a Ren Faire, will be taking over Todd Mission, Texas for three days in the spring.

The announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise; Insomniac announced their intentions for a new festival back in September. But though the announcement included the venue — the Texas Renaissance Fair Grounds — it wasn’t certain that EDM would be meeting the court of King Arthur in a formal capacity. After all, EDC isn’t like, race car-themed.

A quick snoop around the festival’s official Instagram (of course) reveals lush greenery, perfect for communing with nature while vibing off of sweet sweet EDM beats:

Other festivals like Sasquatch and Lightning in a Bottle also embrace a more quirky nature (vs. Coachella’s more #Woodstock #aesthetic), but Middlelands is something else. And if you weren’t already lowkey sold on it, check out this promo video starring DJ Kristian Nairn, whom you might recognize from his turn on a little show called Game of Thrones: