Middle School: It Isn’t Funny

My mom just forwarded me an email from my middle school that blew my mind. These maniacs had the AUDACITY to send me an invitation to a “grand reunion”.

First of all, a middle school reunion is NOT a thing. Calm down.

Second of all, NO ONE wants to go back there.

Third of all, the tickets for this “reunion” were $50 – ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR MINDS?

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have at least one horrifying memory from that time. It’s the worst for a lot of reasons, but mostly because there is no one meaner than a middle schooler. It’s a cruel (albeit necessary) time in a human’s life.

You either try to forget it entirely or laugh at it later, but if we’re being real about it all… it wasn’t f**king

In honor of Mother’s Day around the corner and a serious lack of therapy, here’s a video about one of my worst middle school memories (and how my mom made it a little less awful).

This is a TRUE story…so I don’t care if you like it, just be nice because this embarrassing thing really happened to me!


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