10 brutally honest middle child memes every mid-kid will relate to

Middle-child status usually comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. You miss out on that hallowed “first born” thing, but you’re also not the adorable baby of the fam. Leaving you stuck in the middle with zero attention (well, okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. But definitely less attention).

And it doesn’t help that middle children are often stereotyped as being needy, broody, and desperate for attention. How rude!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to control your birth order, but you definitely don’t have to let it psyche you out. There are plenty of uber successful and special middle kids — just ask Kim Kardashian and Nick Jonas.

And we can’t forget the oh-so-many beloved television characters that prove the middle child really is the ish. There’s Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Cory from Boy Meets World, and how can we ever forget Stephanie from Full House?


So how does one survive being stuck in the middle? Well, having a sense of humor definitely helps. In fact, here are 10 middle child memes that every middle child can relate to, no matter how painful (and hilarious) they may be.

1 You remember the exact moment you realized life as you knew it was going to change forever.

2It sometimes feel like you’re not exactly noticed.

3The dog gets more attention than you do.

4 The oldest goes first and the youngest goes second.

5 You’re constantly overlooked.

6 In fact, sometimes nobody listens to you at all.

7 Some days you feel invisible.

8 You get blamed a lot.

9 Yep.

10 But at the end of the day, you know exactly where you stand.


Shout out to all the middle children out there. We love you!