Someone built a microwave you can play video games on, for that next tricky birthday person

The invention of the microwave changed the world. And now it’s going even further. Because now you can play video games on a microwave while you wait for your food to heat up.

There’s a lot you can do with microwaves. You can even cook eggs in one. Microwaves are so powerful that they can make cakes that you spray from a can. No really, you can get a microwavable cake in a can now. Well, we’ve finally made it as a society. Because not only can you do all that with food, you can play games while waiting for it to cook.

On the YouTube series Furze’s Invention Show, host Colin Furze created a microwave you can play video games on, based on a suggestion from his viewers.

And it is quite the interesting invention, to say the least. But watch for yourself as Colin creates this magical microwave.

So, stop and think about it. You ever think about those two minutes you’re wasting waiting on your food? Well, now there’s no wasted time at all!

You can seriously play Mario Kart as you wait.

From the video, the invention still needs a little work. Like Colin needs to not make a weird peanut-butter covered onion. But more than that, he needs to up his gaming collection.

So whether or not you actually think this is cool, it is a pretty amazing invention. From the video, it’s clear that he seemingly just adds a screen with an HDMI connection. But it’s more than that, it’s the fact that we can now have video games on our microwaves. If that is true, where else can we have cool screens to take over our lives some more?

Well, if you have more ideas, you can let Colin know what kind of invention you’d like to see. The entire point of his channel is to take suggestions from his viewers. So jump on there with your strangest ideas and see if he creates it for you.